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Belfast City



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City Tour & Causeway Combo Ticket

Fully Guided Giant's Causeway Day Tour

Murders, Ghost & Bodysnatchers

Belfast's Best Hop-on Hop-off

Evening Walking Tour


The Ultimate Unbeatable Belfast tour ticket. Enjoy the Causeway Day tour.

Then Spend the Next 72 Hours Enjoying the Hop On Off City Tour.

Spend a memorable day visiting what is undoubtedly Northern Ireland's most infamous attraction.


This tour promises to open your eyes into the dark side of Belfast's past. You will walk the cobbled streets of Belfast's Victorian red light district and discover amazing facts about the people who once lived there.

Belfast's Most Comprehensive, Entertaining & Memorable Hop-on Hop-off City Tour

This tour begins with a visit to the old Belfast Poor House which was not a pleasant place to be in Victorian Belfast. In 1795 they opened up one of their back fields for the burial of the towns paupers but this was soon to develop into something more and therefore give us the historic site it is today.  

Cost: £35.00

Cost: £25.00 Cost: £10.00 Cost: £12.50 Cost: £10.00  

Duration: 72 Hours

Duration: Full Day Tour Duration: 2 Hours Duration: 72 Hours Duration: Aprox 1 Hour 30 Mins  
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